12oz Soup Cup Lid


£0.06 / unit

1000 QTY/CTN

Dimensions LxW: D90

Material: 337gsm kraft paper+18g PE

Safely prepare your soups, stews and hot drinks in the microwave with these Colpac kraft soup cup lids. The lids' venting holes stop steam from accumulating in your soup cups when used in the microwave. This means there's no risk of the lid bursting open and causing messy, costly and potentially dangerous explosions of hot food.

By allowing steam to escape, these venting holes will also stop trapped condensation from turning your food soggy or watery - so you can ensure your dishes are always served exactly as intended.

And thanks to the all-paperboard construction, the soup cup lids can even be recycled after use. This will help you to divert waste away from harmful landfill sites and into more sustainable disposal streams.
Plant Based