Kraft Burger Box (204x109x77mm)

SKU: FB204

£0.264 / unit


Dimensions LxW: 175x90x84mm

Material: F flute kraft both side

For food-to-go packaging that's as practical as it is sustainable, choose these Fiesta Green compostable burger boxes. The tough paperboard construction gives these burger boxes enough strength to keep your food protected during delivery or when served to customers. And thanks to the thick material, these burger boxes can serve food with sauces and dressings without risk of leaking.

As the burger boxes are made entirely from paperboard, they can be commercially composted with food waste after use. This will help you and your customers to divert waste away from harmful landfill sites, instead turning your used packaging into compost that's used to grow plants.

The sustainably sourced paperboard material means the boxes are kinder to Earth and its natural resources too. So even if you can't compost them, switching to these kraft burger boxes will still help to minimise your impact on the planet!

Can I Recycle These Boxes?

Yes, as long as they're free from heavy soiling, these burger boxes can be recycled. But if they're covered in oil, grease or food waste, they won't be accepted as this soiling can contaminate the recycling process.
Plant Based