Kraft Lunch Box NO' 1

SKU: Product Code 2720080

£0.11 / unit


Dimensions LxW: T130x105 B113x90 H65mm

Material: 300gsm kraft paper+18g PE

Make serving food-to-go as simple as can be, by using these kraft recyclable microwavable food boxes. A polyethylene lining means these containers can be safely used in microwaves - allowing you to heat up and serve your takeaway dishes in the same packaging for a speedier service. The polyethylene lining also makes these boxes incredibly leak-resistant - so there's no risk of them leaking when serving wet or saucy dishes.

Made from sturdy paperboard, these food boxes also have enough strength to keep your food safe and secure when in transit or served to customers.

The paperboard and polyethylene materials allow these boxes to be recycled after use too. So you and your customers can work to divert waste away from harmful landfill sites.
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